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Township Board

The Township Board consists of seven elected officials; a supervisor, clerk, treasurer and four trustees. These members meet monthly to address topics concerning the township, such as budgets, projects, and general business. They also receive public comments or input on issues of particular interest to individual citizens.

One duty of a township board is to appoint or hire the officials that will serve the township in other capacities. This includes the building inspector, planning commissioners, Zoning Board of Appeals members, zoning administrator, assessor and other permanent or short-term officials and employees. From time to time, there will be vacancies in these positions. If you are interested in getting involved in township government, you may contact the Supervisor to obtain an application.

Learn more about the duties of a township official here.

Position Board Member Term Ends
Supervisor Peter Lance 11/20/2024
Clerk Maggie Kolk 11/20/2024
Treasurer Marian Oosterhouse 11/20/2024
Trustee Chris Makin 11/20/2024
Trustee Dick Russell 11/20/2024
Trustee Gary Watkins 11/20/2024
Trustee Jesse Wolfsen 11/20/2024